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National Make a Dog’s Day 2021

French Bulldogs playing

This Friday, October 22, 2021, marks the 3rd Annual National Make a Dog’s Day. National Make a Dog’s Day is not only a day to celebrate your dog, but also a day to bring awareness to the “less adoptable” shelter dogs. Subaru started this tradition in 2019 in hopes to help “The Underdogs” as they call them. It is an unfortunate reality that when people look to adopt, they are looking for the youngest and healthiest pups to adopt. While it is certainly a good deed to adopt any shelter pup, the older and disabled pups often get overlooked. If you are currently considering adopting a dog, I would like to follow Subaru’s lead and encourage you to consider adopting an “Underdog.’ An “Underdog” is a dog that requires just a little more care and maybe even a little more love. They may be blind, deaf, incontinent, have behavioral issues, have neurological issues, or may have a physical impairment requiring wheels. Whatever the case may be, these underdogs are assuredly looking for love and companionship. You may believe that you are ill-equipped to take on a special needs companion. However, special needs dogs are very adaptable and may do better at your home than you think. You can always speak to the rescue or the shelter and ask for detailed care instructions.

How to Celebrate Your Dog on National Make a Dog’s Day

As I mentioned, National Make a Dog’s Day is also a day to celebrate your dog so get out and do that special thing your dog enjoys. If they enjoy walks, take them on an extra long walk. If they enjoy car rides, take them on an extra long car ride. If they enjoy the park, take them there. If you are interested in finding some of the best dog parks in the United States, click here:

If they love the beach, plan a beach day. For information about some of the best dog beaches in the United States, click here:

Finally, be sure to shower them with plenty of treats and toys. You can find all-natural organic dog treats that are sure to please your pups tummy here:

And be sure to check out my “Must Have Amazon Products” to provide the utmost in puppy spoiling on National Make a Dog’s Day:

Some other ideas to celebrate your dog are planning a doggie play date, organizing a doggie barbeque, buying your dog a pup cup and/or baking them a doggie friendly cake.

Whether you decide to adopt an underdog or to celebrate your dog or both, be sure to share the celebration on social media with the hashtag #MakeADogsDay.

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