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Do French Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

Before we dive into whether French Bulldogs make good pets, we should review the common characteristics of the breed. The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes French Bulldogs as playful, smart, and adaptable. I would say this is a reasonably accurate description. The AKC describes the physical characteristics of the French Bulldog as having a height of 11-13 inches and a weight under 28 pounds. While all three of my French Bulldogs are under 28 pounds, I have seen many well over 28 pounds. If a French Bulldog is over 28 pounds, however, they do not qualify under the “breed standard.” We do not care about that though unless we plan to show a dog. The AKC continues to describe the shedding level and drooling level of French Bulldogs as moderate and coat grooming frequency as low. They say French Bulldogs bark little and are easy to train. These last two statement may be misleading to a novice French Bulldog owner since frenchies vary in their barking frequency and the ease of training depends very much on the owner. You may get a frenchie that doesn’t bark at all, and you may get one that barks quite often. Regarding training, they are correct in that they are easy to train. That is if you know what you are doing. Frenchies are very smart and have a high desire to please. However, as a bully breed, they do have a stubborn streak. Therefore, the more experienced you are at dog training, the easier of a time you will have. For some tips on training, click here:

Now let’s get into specifics of whether French Bulldogs are good pets. We’ll start with the question “Are French Bulldogs Low Maintenance?”

Are French Bulldogs Low Maintenance?

French Bulldogs are absolutely not low maintenance. In fact, they are very high maintenance. Their wrinkle folds need to be cleaned and dried daily with wrinkle balm applied at least once per week. For more detailed information about French Bulldog care, click here:

If your French Bulldog has environmental allergies, you will need to wipe them down after they come in from outside to remove any allergens. If they have food sensitivities or allergies, you will need to research and buy them a food that works well for them. For more information on allergies, click here: and for more information about dog food, click here:

Something frenchie parents always say they wished they knew beforehand was that you must wipe their bums after they go potty since they cannot reach that area to clean themselves.

You may be thinking that French Bulldogs may be too high maintenance for you so let me tell you why they are a great pet!

What Makes a French Bulldog a Great Pet?

First and foremost, your frenchie will love you like you’ve never been loved before. The bond you form with these little guys and gals is like no other. They have a strong desire to always be near you. Cuddle time is a must with frenchies. They would lay and cuddle with you all day if you let them. They are very tolerant and a great family dog. For more information about this and for French Bulldog Frequently Asked Questions, you can check out this post:

Do you have a French Bulldog? If so, share some of your experiences to help potential frenchie parents decide whether a frenchie is right for them.

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