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Paleo Pets – Creating Happy and Healthy Frenchies

We all want what is best for our frenchies! A large part of doing what is best for them is making sure what goes in them (and on them) is not harmful. There are so many products on the market containing harmful chemicals making it important, now more than ever, to read labels to educate ourselves. This is why I have recently partnered with Paleo Pets.

The History of Paleo Pets

Paleo Pets is a different type of company for many reasons. First and foremost, the idea for the company came from a six-year-old girl. Her name is Mia. That is right, it took a six-year-old girl to realize certain pet products were toxic. She wanted products for her pets that were 100% natural, so she had a conversation with her parents. Mia runs Paleo Pets alongside her parents who were already knowledgeable about natural products, owning a natural product business, only it was for humans. Mia’s passion and dynamic personality along with her parent’s knowledge of natural and healthy products was the jumping off point to the success of this company. Not only do they have Mia’s passion and the parent’s knowledge, but they have the greatest customer service even providing a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products. The company is also a charitable company, donating 10% of all sales to Safe A Pet’s Life Foundation. Most importantly every ingredient in every product is 100% safe and natural.

What products do they sell, you ask?

Paleo Pets All-Natural Products

Shop 100% Natural Dog Teeth Cleaner, Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy: This all-natural tooth powder is very easy to use along with a toothbrush which is purchased separately. And, yes, I do use the tooth powder myself. Dental Hygiene is so very important for dogs. For more information about dental hygiene, click here:

Natural Flea and Tick Control Powder: You may have heard all the recent horror stories about dogs having seizures or even dying from flea and tick medications. Even so, it is important to keep fleas and ticks off our fur babies. So, what do we do? We use an all-natural product that actually works and does not contain the chemicals that most flea and tick medications contain that are on the market today. I like this product because it is 100% Natural Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth and it does actually work!

Pest Away Natural Flea & Tick Repellant: If you are looking for a natural flea and tick repellent, this is the way to go! It uses the same ingredients that repel fleas and ticks in nature.

Paleo Pets also sells all-natural supplements and grooming supplies. Active Pets Need Supplementation, Try 100% Natural Pet Supplements Now! However, their dental care and flea and tick products are my favorites since it is difficult to find these products made from natural ingredients (and that work) elsewhere. I am very selective in what I use on my sensitive frenchies and I just love these products from Paleo Pets.

If you have any all-natural products you use and swear by, I would love to hear from you.

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