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I am THAT Dog Mom (French Bulldog Clothes & Accessories)

I have been a dog mom to several dogs over the years and this includes differing breeds of dogs. I have loved them, I have trained them, and I have spoiled them. Have I ever pushed them in a stroller? No. Have I ever dressed them up? Other than the occasional football jersey, No. That is…. until now. That is right, I have turned into one of THOSE dog moms!

It all started when I read that French Bulldogs were sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when my first French Bulldog, Dozer, was just a little tyke. Shortly after reading this, I was in PetCo shopping for toys when I saw this Furry Boss shirt and of course, I had to buy it for Dozer. After all, he was the little furry boss! Not too long after that, I brought Molly home. Molly was an itty-bitty thing coming in at a whopping 5 pounds. She got cold quite easy so the next item of clothing I bought was this hoodie. Of course, I had to buy Dozer one also. Over the past couple of years, my frenchies wardrobe has grown and grown and grown. Here are the links to some of my favorite clothing I have purchased (#ads):

Let’s Walk on The Wild Side Hoodie

Bond & Co Beige Bearly Awake Dog Hoodie, M

Together is Better Hoodie

NFL Miami Dolphins Hoodie for Dogs & Cats. | NFL Football Licensed Dog Hoody Tee Shirt, Small | Sports Hoody T-Shirt for Pets | Licensed Sporty Dog Shirt

NFL Miami Dolphins Pet Jersey, XS

kyeese Dog Pajamas Cotton Pjs Stretchable Dog Jumpsuit 4 Legs Strip PJS Hair Shedding Cover Good for Summer

Puppy Face Striped Shirt for Dog Tank Pet Shirts Green and Grey Wide Strips Pet Clothes for Dogs Small Medium

Fitwarm Fleece Sweatshirts for Dog Coats Pet Hooded Jackets, Grey, Large

BINGPET BA1002-1 Security Patterns Printed Puppy Pet Hoodie Dog Clothes

kyeese Dog Sweater Dress Plaid for Small Dogs with Bowtie Turtleneck Dog Pullover Knitwear Cat Sweater

Eat, Walk, Nap, Repeat Shirt

Frenchie Hoodie

Frenchie Shirt

Here are some of the adorable accessories I have purchased:

Dog Collar Bow Tie – Adorable Plaid Sturdy Soft Cotton&Leather Dog Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs Breed Pup Adjustable 18 Colors and 3 Sizes (Cyan Plaid, S 10″-14″)

Pet Heroic Pet Dog Cat Collar with Grid Bow tie, Adjustable Plaid Pet Dogs Cats Comfortable Durable Bowtie Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats in 3 Styles

Bubblegum Sugarplum Dog Bows

Oh, and let’s not forget the costumes for Halloween:

DC Comics for Pets Wonder Woman Harness for Dogs, Small (S) | Superhero Dog Harnesses | Harness for Small Dog Breeds, See Sizing Chart for Details

DC Comics for Pets Superman Harness for Dogs, Small (S) | Superhero Dog Harness | Harness for Small Size Dog Breeds, See Sizing Chart for Details

DC Comics for Dogs Batman Superhero Dog Harness, Medium, Gray

Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume for Dogs, 16″ Medium

And yes, I do push my dogs in a stroller. Frenchies overheat easily and can have trouble breathing after walking long distances. I enjoy taking them on weekend adventures to new parks. Some of the parks we visit have trails that are miles long, too long for the frenchies to walk. Thankfully, I found this nice sturdy stroller that fits all three easily: PawHut Foldable Dog Stroller with Storage Pocket, Oxford Fabric for Medium Size Dogs, Blue. This way, we can all enjoy these walks together. I told you, I am now THAT dog mom, the one who dresses up her dogs, pushes them in a stroller, and schedules her time around them. You know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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