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French Bulldog Puppies

In my humble opinion, French Bulldog puppies are some of the most adorable and entertaining puppies there are. We all know they are cute, but what can you expect when you bring a new French Bulldog puppy home? Well, you can expect many sleepless nights, lots of cleaning up, and non-stop training. And, let’s not forget the zoomies! It is certainly fun and rewarding bringing home a new puppy, but you must be prepared for all that comes along with it. Bringing home a new puppy at 8-10 weeks old is very much like bringing home a new baby. It will take a couple of months before they can sleep through the night so you will spend many nights waking up taking them out to potty. French bulldog puppies that are three months of age can only hold their bladder for about four hours. French Bulldogs can take a little longer to potty train than other breeds so be prepared for a lengthy potty-training period. For more information about potty-training a French Bulldog puppy, read this post:

French bulldog puppies, just like other puppies, explore using their mouth so be prepared for your puppy to put everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, into their tiny little mouths! One of the first commands you should teach your puppy is “Drop It.” The sooner you can teach this command, the easier your life will be. I remember spending a copious amount of time saying, “What do you have in your mouth” and digging in their mouths retrieving whatever they were trying to eat. And, trust me, you do not want some of the things they end up having in their mouths in your hand! If you would like tips on training, you can read this post:

The best thing you can do while training your puppy is invest in a good quality treat. I like limited ingredient treats such as these: Tylee salmon treats or these Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs, 450 Treats Per Bag, Low Calorie, The Perfect High Value Training Reward (Comes in Beef Liver & Sweet Potato) (Liver) #ad

Unfortunately puppy selling scams are on the rise so if you are currently looking for a puppy, please read this post:

Last, but not least, many French Bulldog puppies have sensitive tummies so investing in a quality dog food is a good idea. I researched dog food A LOT after I brought Dozer home because he has an extremely sensitive stomach. You can read about that research and which dog food I chose here:

I have recently switched to Farmina N & D Cod & Orange formula which is the same brand with most of the same ingredients only switching a few of the ingredients. All Farmina formulas, including their puppy formulas, have high quality ingredients and it is still my most trusted brand of dog food. Additionally, my pups get a tablespoon of canned pumpkin at dinner time as pumpkin is a great source of fiber. Please be sure when purchasing canned pumpkin that pumpkin is the only ingredient.

Puppies are a lot of work but also bring a lot of joy into the home. French Bulldog puppies, in particular, are quite funny and quirky and will definitely keep you entertained. Just remember, an active and trained puppy is a happy puppy so keep them stimulated, keep them learning, and don’t forget to give them lots of cuddle time.

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