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French Bulldog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The popularity of French Bulldogs has skyrocketed recently. The American Kennel Club has named the French Bulldog the 4th most popular breed every year since 2017 (Update: They were recently named the 2nd most popular breed). With more and more people getting their heart set on adopting a French Bulldog, more questions about the breed are arising. What better time than the present to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about French Bulldogs? I will start with where they come from.

Where do French Bulldogs come from?

The French Bulldog we now know originated in England. The “Toy Bulldog” had become extremely popular in England in the 1800’s, particularly among individuals in the lace trade. The lace trade was becoming scarce in England, so these folks made their way to France bringing their beloved “Toy Bulldogs” with them. Once in France, these bulldogs became known as the Bouledogue Francais. Some of these small bulldogs had rounded ears like the English Bulldog and some had the bat ears we see today. Americans travelling to France also fell in love with these small bulldogs and they preferred the bat ear look. It is believed the bulldog was bred with rat terriers to achieve this bat eared look and the look became the breed standard. This is where we get our bat eared Frenchies we have come to know and love today.

Are French Bulldogs high maintenance?

French Bulldogs are higher maintenance than some breeds but lower maintenance than others. While they do not require frequent brushing and hair trimming like some other breeds, they do require regular cleaning of their wrinkle folds. Some French Bulldogs have tail pockets which require regular cleaning. Additionally, frenchies can not reach their tail end to clean themselves so it is also necessary to clean their private areas and bums. For more detailed information about Frenchie Care, click here:

Can French Bulldogs be left alone all day?

French Bulldogs were bred to be companion dogs. Hence, they love being your companion. Frenchies are much happier when they are with their humans. Therefore, it is not a good idea to leave your frenchie alone all day every day. If you work full time and would like a French Bulldog as a companion, be sure you can at least give them mid-day potty breaks and spend as much time with them as possible outside of your working hours.

What is the life span of a French Bulldog?

The life span of French Bulldogs is said to be 10-12 years. Unfortunately, many dogs of this breed die young due to various health issues. Many French Bulldog owners opt to purchase pet insurance due these health issues. For a list of the most commonly purchased pet insurance plans including costs, click here:

Even though the life span of French Bulldogs is stated to be 10-12 years and some do pass at an early age, there are also French Bulldogs that live long healthy lives. I have seen French bulldogs 13 and 14 years old.

Can French Bulldogs swim?

While some French Bulldogs can swim without a life jacket, most cannot. Some French Bulldogs won’t even want to swim with a life jacket so if you want a water dog, a French Bulldog may not be the breed for you. My frenchies will swim with a life jacket but are not particularly water lovers. I have, however, seen many frenchies that love the water. Whether they love the water or not, you will most likely need a life jacket. The life jackets I use for my frenchies are the Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle, Yellow, M

Are French Bulldogs easy to train?

French Bulldogs are highly intelligent and quite easy to train if you know the correct training methods. They are bulldogs so they have a stubborn streak. However, if you take the time to train them properly and are consistent with the training, you should not have a problem. For more in-depth information about training, click here:

Are French Bulldogs barkers?

If you have researched French Bulldog breed information, you may have read that they do not bark. Let me be the first to tell you, they do bark! While there are some that do not bark, many do. My boy Dozer, for example, is a big barker. He barks when he sees other dogs, he barks when the girls take his toys, he barks when he sees animals on TV, and he barks when he wants attention. Harley, one of my girls, is also an avid barker, mostly when she sees other dogs and when she is playing. Molly barks less often than the other two but she will bark when playing and when she wants attention. While they are nowhere close to being the barkers that Chihuahua’s are, if you are expecting a dog that doesn’t bark at all, you may be mistaken.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldogs do shed but very minimally compared to some other breeds. Just like many other breeds of dog, they shed their undercoat once or twice a year. However, they have short fine hair so even at these times of shedding, you should not expect a huge amount of hair to clean up.

Do French Bulldogs like to cuddle?

While there is the occasional exception, for the most part, frenchies love to cuddle! The name “Velcro Dog” is often associated with French Bulldogs because they love being close to and touching their humans. For more information about this subject and for a deeper look into the frenchie personality, click here:

Is a French Bulldog a good family dog?

If properly socialized at a young age, French Bulldogs make the perfect family dog. They are loving, loyal, affectionate, and have a great temperament. They are also extremely easy to take on family outings. Additionally, even though they are small in stature, they are mighty and will be protective of the family. Although you should always supervise any dog while around children, French Bulldogs are good with children making them the all-around great family dog.

If you have questions about French Bulldogs that were not covered in this post or any of my previous posts, feel free to contact me or leave a reply below.

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