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French Bulldogs Providing a Happier and Healthier 2021

I believe we can all agree that 2020 was a difficult year. For some it may have been difficult financially and for others it may have been difficult emotionally. People lost their jobs, people lost relationships, and others have even lost friends and family due to COVID-19. It is difficult to find a positive side to COVID-19. However, if there is one, it just may be that our canine companions are happier.

People have spent more time than ever at home due to quarantining, loss of jobs, and the inability to travel. While this has been hard on us, our pups have been enjoying more time with their people. Dogs, particularly frenchies, love spending time with their human families and this extra time they can spend with us makes them happy. They get to cuddle more, play more, and may even get more treats! Speaking of treats, try these 2 Pack Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bits. Soft Grain Free Treats for Dogs (Duck)#ad. They are great for our frenchies with sensitive tummies!

Studies have shown that spending time with dogs increases our emotional and social wellbeing. Petting and cuddling your frenchie releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is often referred to as the “love hormone.” Not only do we release this hormone during our interactions with our dogs, but our dogs release the same hormone during their interactions with us. My point here is that in these times of anguish, it’s not only good for our dogs to spend more time with us, but also for us to spend more time with our dogs.

We all know that spending time outside is also good for our physical and mental health. In a couple of my recent posts, I researched and spoke about dog friendly beaches and vacation spots. Now may be the perfect time to review those posts and take this time in 2021 spending it outdoors with our frenchies. If you are still not able to take a vacation now, research dog friendly parks and other outside dog-friendly activities in your area. If you have not already downloaded the “Bring Fido” app, I highly recommend it. You simply type in your city, and it reveals dog friendly restaurants, activities, events, and services in your area. Being that it is January, it is cold outside, so be sure that wherever you decide to go with your frenchie, they bundle up (I recommend these adorable hoodies from The Frenchie Store) and of course, don’t forget your treats!

There has never been a better time to take care of our mental well-being than the present and spending time outdoors with our frenchies is a glorious way to do it.

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