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How to Keep Your Frenchie Happy and Well-Behaved (Dog Friendly Beaches)

An active dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is a well-behaved dog. Think about the reasons your doctor tells you to keep active and exercise. It’s not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Dozer, Molly, and Harley get so excited when they know they are going on a ride and especially when that ride leads them to the dog beach. There are some great dog friendly beaches in Florida and across the United States! I am going to start with Florida since that is our home state.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Lighthouse Point Park is the dog beach I take my crew to most often. Located in beautiful Ponce Inlet, Florida, this park has it all including wooden boardwalks illuminating a gorgeous dune and beach landscape, breathtaking inlet jetty rocks, pavilions and grills, restrooms and showers, fishing, and of course the dog beach. The dog beach is nestled along the inlet and has picturesque mangroves to the west. Because the dog beach is on the inlet side instead of the oceanside, there are less waves and more likelihood of your dogs playing in the water. Just be aware that dogs are not allowed on the ocean side of the beach.

Flagler Beach is approximately 30 miles north of Ponce Inlet and is great place to take your pup if you are wanting to take them to a beach along the ocean. This beautiful beach which boasts great weather is one of the most dog friendly beaches in Florida. However, dogs must stay north of North 10th Street and south of South 10th street.

Gulfside City Park is in southwest Florida on beautiful Sanibel Island. This beach has been described as the “perfect paradise” and includes easy access to the beach along with restrooms and picnic areas. I am told this is a great place to collect shells also.

Performance Pups Freshwater Dog Beach is the place to go if you prefer fresh water over salt water. This dog beach is in Dania Beach, Florida and is said to be home to the cleanest freshwater dog lake in Broward County. What I love about this beach is the water is solely for our furry friends. While we may wade in the water, swimming is solely for the pups. You can also rent the entire beach for your pup’s birthday party if you’d like. With this being said, you must be sure to call ahead on this dog park since it may be closed for a private party.

While there are many other great dog parks and beaches in Florida and I recommend downloading an app called “Bring Fido” to learn about the other beaches and parks, let’s go beyond Florida and list some of the best dog beaches in the United States.

Dog Friendly Beaches in the UniteD States

Coronado Dog Beach is in dog friendly Coronado Island, California and boasts beautiful views along with amazing sunsets. This is one of the few beaches where your pup is not required to be on a leash and can run without a care in the world. Surrounding this dog beach are many dog friendly accommodations so plan on making a day, weekend, or even weeklong trip out of this one!

Huntington Dog Beach is also located in sunny California along the Pacific Coast Highway. It has beautiful views for us enjoy and over one mile of beach for your pup to enjoy. It has restrooms and picnic tables, and you can catch the occasional sighting of a surfing dog which is always a treat!

Cannon Beaches in Cannon Beach, Oregon is touted as one of the most dog friendly beaches in Oregon. Not only is the beach dog friendly but the surrounding shops and restaurants are said to be accommodating to our furry loved ones. The sunsets here can be amazing.

Stewart Beach Park in Galveston, Texas sits on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Not only is this beach dog-friendly but it has many amenities such as concessions, gift shops, showers, restrooms, stores, and volleyball courts. Umbrella and chair rentals are also available.

Wildwood Dog Park and Beach is in Wildwood, New Jersey but is said to rival Florida dog-friendly beaches. This is a dog park and dog beach rolled into one so how could your pup not have fun here? There is plenty of room for your pooch to run and play.

Bald Head Island Beach in Bald Head Island, North Carolina is 14 miles of pristine beaches that must be reached by ferry. There are two dog friendly areas to choose from. The south beach has long stretches of pristine sand to walk and has calmer waters while the east beach has more waves to enjoy.

Jekkyl Island Beach located on Jekkyl Island in Georgia is a unique and beautiful beach to bring your pup. Jekkyl island is packed with pristine beaches and many historical landmarks. There are many nearby pet-friendly accommodations. Only 10 percent of Jekkyl Island is developed so the majority of the island offers breathtaking natural views. Jekkyl Island also offers many bike paths for you biking enthusiasts.

Some of our frenchies are not the greatest swimmers so be sure they have a life jacket handy. This is the jacket I use for my frenchies:  Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle, Pink, M #ad.  Even if your frenchie decides not to enter the water, they will have fun roaming the beaches, taking in the fresh salt air, and exploring. Be sure to call ahead before going to some of these beaches because some do have paid parking and you want to be prepared. It is also a good idea to ask them whether they are an on-leash or off-leash beach. You wouldn’t want to get a ticket on your fun day out! Cooling bandanas are also a great idea for the beach! They are fantastic for keeping our frenchies cooled down. We all know these little guys and gals can get overheated easily.

Keeping your frenchie happy and active is important if you would like a well-behaved frenchie. There are many ways to keep your frenchie active. However, taking my crew to dog friendly beaches is one of my favorite ways to do this. If you have behavioral problems beyond what may be solved by keeping your pup active, you may visit my blog post on Behavioral Modification to gain some dog training tips.

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