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Giving Thanks – Frenchie Style!

What do frenchies do best? I would say they are the best at showing love and, well, others may say they are best at curling up on the couch and letting out a big ole fart! While some find this endearing and some cannot stand the smell, either way we must give thanks for our little guys and gals that we love so much and bring so much happiness into our households. We can also give thanks for the food we are provided that causes that foul smell to come from their little frenchies bums, especially when so many people around the world are starving and wondering where their next meal is coming from. Since this Thanksgiving is already a little less traditional than past years, you may consider volunteering to serve food for the homeless or maybe even delivering a meal to a family in need. Bring your frenchie along. They would love the ride and the people are sure to love them since we know how our frenchies bring joy wherever they go. Speaking of thanksgiving fixings, are you aware which Thanksgiving foods you can and cannot feed your frenchies on Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving treats you can share with your frenchies

Turkey is a perfectly fine and delectable food to feed to your frenchie provided he or she is not allergic. Dozer is allergic to chicken and for this reason, I have not even attempted to feed him turkey. I take the safe route and just assume he is allergic to all poultry. However, if your pup has no food allergies, feel free to give them a breast with the skin removed. Sweet potatoes are also a great treat for your dog. Just be careful that the sweet potatoes are not candied or covered with marshmallows. Only feed them the plain cooked sweet potatoes without the skin. Green beans are another thanksgiving favorite that can be fed to our frenchie babies. Just be sure there is nothing mixed in with them, especially onions! Onions are highly toxic to dogs! More yummy Thanksgiving treats for your frenchie are raw carrots and pumpkin. Carrots are loaded with vitamins and pumpkin is great for digestion. Finally, if you are making an apple pie, throw your frenchie a piece of raw apple before making it into a pie. With all these Thanksgiving treats, your frenchie will be sure to give thanks for YOU on Thanksgiving Day!

Other ways to give thanks like our frenchie friends

Frenchies love to cuddle so be sure to give your family a little extra cuddle time this holiday season. Many frenchies love to give kisses so shower your significant other with extra kisses on Thanksgiving Day. Frenchies love to play outside so give your thanks to nature by spending more time outside. Frenchies love toys so show your thanks for all the toys you are able to buy and think about all the little boys and girls that may not be receiving toys this year. You can show your gratitude by finding a local Angel Tree and becoming an Angel to a child in need. To find an Angel Tree near you, contact your local Salvation Army.

Let’s all show our thanks like frenchies do by giving love to others and most importantly, let’s all be sure to thank our frenchies for being….well….so FRENCHIE! If you are wondering how to thank them properly, check out my last post which has plenty of Christmas gift ideas for your frenchie!

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