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How Frenchies Changed My Life

For ten years my household was a one dog household consisting of only my Bloodhound Copper. Copper has always been a great dog and has always required minimal care. He has been my companion for a very long time and I never had plans to have multiple dogs, much less the four that I now have. I have always worked full time but have always had time after work for extracurricular activities such as biking, kayaking, and nature hikes. My life before frenchies was more about myself and the other humans in my life. Now, well….. it’s all about the frenchies!

Once we brought Dozer home I was a smitten kitten and really wanted a little girl frenchie. We found Molly and brought her home followed by her sister Harley a few months later. Little did I know how drastically my life would change. It is akin to having triplet toddlers.

First, let me start by describing what a typical day looks like for me now that I have three frenchies. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to many many frenchie kisses on my face. Yes, they tell me what time to wake up. I carry Dozer downstairs and take him outside to pee. I put Dozer in the kitchen and then I take the girls out to pee. I then feed all four dogs their breakfast. My husband takes Copper out (Copper is a 70-pound puller so it’s easier for my husband to take him out). After everyone has eaten, I take Dozer for a walk and then I take the girls for a walk. I get ready for work and then take them all out again before leaving. I go to work and come home at lunch to take them all on a another walk. I go back to work, come home, and take them all out to pee. I feed them all again and take them all for walks again. Let us not forget that after each walk, I wipe their lady parts, boy parts, paws, and their bums. Once they are all fed and walked, I wipe down their faces with baby wipes. I then proceed to throw a load of laundry in the wash, do the dishes, and work on whatever other wifely duties are in store for me that night. These are all just the everyday chores. I also apply wrinkle balm weekly, grind their nails weekly, brush their teeth twice a week, and bathe them every other week. Of course, if they get into something, these things become even more frequent.

If you are a frenchie parent, you know that you must watch these little ones every second of the day. If you turn your back for five seconds, they will find something to put into their mouths. Not that I mind watching them in the least because they are constant entertainment! They are comical little dogs! It is very important to have plenty of toys laying around. If you would like to see a list of my favorite toys and some of my other favorite products, read my post titled “A Few of My Favorite Things.” This brings up another thing that has changed in my world; I spend more money on frenchie toys, frenchie treats, frenchie food, frenchie clothes, and frenchie care products than I do on anything else.

Perhaps the most extreme change in my life is that I went from being an active, on-the-go person to almost a complete couch potato. You see, these little guys and gals love to cuddle up with you on the couch and it really makes a person reluctant to move at all. It is immensely relaxing having three soft little love bugs laying all over and around you. They definitely are therapeutic and I can see why so many people have them as emotional support dogs. Frenchies are good for the soul!

My weekends that were once full of biking, kayaking, and hiking are now full of dog filled entertainment. My husband and I who were rarely home on weekends, now spend most of our weekends at home with our frenchies. When we do go out, we try to find activities that involve our frenchies. We love taking them on car rides and to parks for walks. Lots of frenchie car rides also meant that I needed to change my mode of transportation. Before having three frenchies, I drove a Camaro SS and I loved that car! What do I have now? That is right, I drive an SUV, a frenchie-mobile! Although I loved that Camaro, my frenchies come first and the Camaro was just not practical any longer. Boy do I miss that car! However, I have something better now, three little beings that fill my heart with joy and after all, these are the sacrifices you make for your “kids,” right?

It is a full-time job being a dog mom to three French Bulldogs, but I would not have it any other way. They dominate my time and require much maintenance, but they also bring so much love, joy, and entertainment into our household. Our hearts are full of love for these three little frenchies and I could not imagine my life without them now!

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